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TensorIoT is here to change the way that your key infrastructure and applications are deployed and managed by leveraging the latest in AWS cloud native services


TensorIoT is here to help your people, your products and your processes

Many companies are daunted by the prospect of migrating or modernizing their key infrastructure using the cloud, since they also lack the trained personnel to handle the processes. That’s why TensorIoT provides customized migration and modernization solutions customized to meet not only your business needs, but also improve your people and processes.

If you aren’t already working in the cloud, you’re falling behind your competitors. And if you already have cloud operations, are you maximizing your value and reducing costs by taking advantage of the latest AWS technologies?

TensorIoT has proven success helping partners in all stages of their cloud journey streamline and optimize their cloud processes to provide a wealth of benefits. Shifting your on-premises or hybrid infrastructure to cloud-native technologies improves developer productivity, increases business agility, provides cost-effective scalability, improves reliability with the best availability in the industry, and all of these features combine to deliver deep cost savings.

Confidently Migrate and Modernize with TensorIoT and AWS

The TensorIoT Migration Team works with your business every step of the way to ensure that your team not only has a comprehensive migration plan, but also upskills your team members to gain the maximum benefits from your updated cloud infrastructure. We’re here to ensure that your business runs rapidly and efficiently, whether that means using hybrid architecture or fully shifting to the cloud.

We’ll walk you through every step of the migration process, beginning with our expert migration assessment to clearly define your goals, give you insights into your future AWS infrastructure, and breakdown the costs and benefits to deliver the right solution for your business needs.

Once we’ve delivered your migration assessment, we’ll work with you to make all the necessary preparations for a seamless and successful migration, troubleshooting any potential issues that arise with expert mastery and training your team on the skills to migrate. Finally, we’ll help your company migrate and modernize your infrastructure into your own AWS environment, giving you complete control of your enhanced system along with the support to refine and polish your solution.

Every step of the way, you’ll have the foundational information you need to move forward with your migration and modernization with peace of mind. And once your system is running on AWS, you’ll also be able to incorporate all future AWS innovations like machine learning and AI into your workflows with ease.



What is Docker and How Can it Benefit My Application?

If you are in charge of developing or managing an application, you have probably heard of Docker. But what is Docker? In short, Docker is a tool that can help you containerize your application.


Breaking Down Monoliths into Microservices

A migration to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud has several benefits to customers. These benefits include significant cost reduction, new business opportunities and faster time to market with enhancements. To fully benefit from these advantages, you should continuously modernize your organization’s software by refactoring your monolithic applications into microservices.



Breaking Down the Benefits of Monoliths into Microservices

The term “monolith” in the software development industry typically has negative connotations. A monolithic application is one that is built as a single, large unit. In contrast, a microservice is an application that is built as a suite of small, independent services.

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